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Do you feel overwhelmed when searching for a quality SEO service? Whether that’s an SEO partner, agency or consultant? Are you wondering where to begin with the search, especially with there being so many “so called” SEO experts around? We understand the challenge but quality SEO services are out there.

Quality SEO Service And Why Is It Important?

Quality SEO ServicesSearch engine optimization is both an SEO service is worth the wait. art and science that relies on techniques such as problem solving, technical analysis and understanding a vast amount of data. It is a combination of technical analysis and comprehension of search engine algorithms, as well as understanding user behaviour to gain a competitive edge.

There is always an on-going demand for high quality SEO, with increased traffic and improvement in rankings; a company can generate a lot of money in revenue. The unfortunate issue is that quality SEO providers are hidden amongst cowboys. The Internet is still a little like the wild west and it can be hard to sort quality from outright scammers, low-quality SEO providers and also fake experts who will not provide you with the type of service you are looking for.

As such, there is need for professional SEO experts and it’s important to find the right one for your upcoming project.

How Can You Find The Best SEO Agency or Consultant?

Take some time and think about what it is you need and what you want to achieve. Let’s break that down into some sections.

  1. What Do You Need?

You need to find the best SEO specialist by defining the type of services you need. For instance, are you a publisher looking to increase your traffic for CPMs? Do you run an e-commerce site looking for conversions on a product level? Are you looking for an expert with emphasis on link-building, technical expertise or for SEO growth? Once you have identified the exact reason and have an idea of what results you want, you’ll be better positioned to discuss that with an SEO provider. Don’t just think, I want to rank number 1 for these important keywords because actually, that’s not usually the case. People search using many different variants of keywords, really you want to be visible and it is much better to have 100 rankings that are good, rather than one or two that are really good. The reason for this is twofold, firstly, with only one or two rankings you are reliant on customers only using those terms. Also if you focus on too few, there is a very real risk of the content and the website becoming “over optimised”.

By looking at a good range of search terms, you’ll capture more customers and traffic and also it will help your brand to become better known.

  1. Ask For Referrals

Ask for referrals from colleagues, friends or relatives because one of them might know or have used the services of a SEO consultancy previously. If you have a trusted network, you can leverage the same to find a good SEO agency for your optimization needs. We as an agency often get asked, why don’t you rank for X or Y keywords if you are that good?

Much of our work comes through referrals as even today, few things rarely beat recommendations. We also put the majority of our time and effort into ranking clients. We do rank for a LOT of terms naturally but it might not be what you have used. We prefer to show clients what we can do and showcase our client sites.

  1. Take A Test Run

Don’t be afraid to ask for trial services, pilot or test services on your SEO project. That way, you can assess type of services the partner you’re looking to hire can provide to you. It’s also a good way to avoid committing to anything long-term without being completely sure about the quality of the SEO service. It also means you can assess the customer service of the SEO agency or consultant. Many times you are dealing initially with a sales person so after you have signed on the dotted line, you never see or hear from them again.

Haych Enterprises does not tie you into long term contracts, we want to work with you and be a part of your extended team. Client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. You work with an account manager who is your point of contact, we know it’s important to build exceptional relationships so that’s what we do.

Remember, SEO does take time to kick in with the background work being done but after 3 months or so you should start to see the results beginning. It’s hard to be patient but a quality SEO service is worth the wait.

Warning Signs – ALERTS for low quality SEO Service

  1. Lack Of Transparency

You need to watch out for “SEO experts” that can’t answer questions transparently and confidently. Of course, no one knows everything and you can’t expect someone to answer every question with a perfect answer but you can expect some honesty and confidence in their replies. If you find someone who becomes defensive and flustered, we’d recommend not hiring them for your optimization needs.

One of the things we look at (and we are an exception) is what the ROI is for your SEO. We are happy to show you how we generate links and what the process is. We also ensure our SEO reports are simple to understand and we track the SEO KPIS (metrics) that are important to you – not us.

  1. Odd Pricing Packages

Search engine optimization goes beyond ranking one or two pages. It requires a strategic approach that leverages the unique offerings of any site. If you find a SEO firm who prices by the page, you will find that they are using a short-sighted approach without your best interests at heart. The same goes to keyword ranking . Do you want a 10, 20 or 30 keyword package? If you hear that as an option then you are dealing with someone who does not understand how SEO works today.

Find out more about search engine optimization: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-101/what-is-seo/

We aim to rank you for hundreds and even thousands of keywords as we all search in different ways.

Simply put, you need to stay away from SEO experts who package their services. Remember, it is an organic technique and packaging destroys the innovation, analysis and creativity that comes with a quality SEO service. Experts who package their services will limit them to pre-determined criteria that will not work for your site, especially if it is different from others they have worked with previously. As a result, the SEO campaign will appear restricted and will not produce the type of results you are looking for.

  1. Black Hat SEO Techniques

You need to stay away from companies that use black hat SEO techniques because they put both you and your company at risk. For instance, stay away from those who buy links, use cloaked content, plagiarize content and work to “game” the SEO results. They will definitely get you quick results but quick does not last and you are often left in a far worse situation then when you started.

Typically SEO is referred to as white hat (ethical, following Google webmaster guidelines) or Black Hat (doing what they can for a quick win.)

  1. Don’t Sign Restrictive Contracts

Before signing any contract, you need to read the fine print thoroughly for any odd language or terms and conditions. Ensure you are happy as recently there has been a tendency to give what looks like a short contract term of 3-months but then when you read the small print you have to give 90 days notice.

A notice period of 30 days is normal and you don’t want the SEO agency to turn off what they are doing at the flick of a switch.

How To Get The Best Quality SEO Servcies And Avoid Cheap Companies

Always remember that good SEO is never cheap and as such hiring the cheapest company you find will not work for you in the long term. Here are a few reasons why hiring the cheapest SEO company is not a good idea.

  1. Limited SEO Services

With a limited SEO budget, you’re limited to very few SEO actions. The SEO partner can only provide page-level optimization, keyword research and very little on-page optimization. Remember, a lot of growth depends on good content and exceptional backlinks and to get the best services, you need to invest. Remember, if cheap SEO companies don’t have enough capital, they will resort to the following.

  • Creating poor content
  • Poor link-outreach
  • Poor website placement on quality sites

Remember, with cheap or poor content creation, your brand will be embarrassed. On the other hand, your site might be penalized because of spammy backlinks.

Invest too little in a company that takes shortcuts and you usually end up paying much more in the long term.

  1. Search Engine Penalties

With poor SEO techniques, you run a dangerous game and are more likely at risk of a penalty from the search engines. While they might work in the short-term, the search engines will notice eventually. Remember, if your site is penalized, you might be forced to hire another agency for the penalty to be removed and you might end up losing a lot of traffic that is hard to recover.

They are only the visible costs, there is an assigned value to money, time and business assets and you should treasure them accordingly.

  1. No Real Assets

Although they are intangible, backlinks and quality content are considered important assets for your business. That’s because they can help your business for a long time. With cheap or low quality SEO techniques, you will not get tangible assets for your business because there is no capital to create quality links. If these links are rented or bought then you will never retain them and that’s assuming they even work in the first place.

Good content when created becomes something called, “evergreen”, it just means it retains its value over time and will continue to deliver benefits. That is what your business needs to continue to grow online. The same is true of links, a good quality link from an authority website is worth usually a 100 times more than 1000 links from low quality sites.

  1. Cookie-Cutter Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Cheap SEO agencies rely on cookie cutter SEO techniques because they can’t scale – this means it’s a simple, easily replicated approach that they use over and over regardless of your business needs. Search engine optimization is by it’s nature dynamic. Algorithms are updated and so are websites. Things change, services and products change and consumer needs change. While the main principles might never change (Quality SEO Service that focus on the relevancy of your site and business) each campaign needs to be different. An ecommerce store versus a local tradesperson, two completely different businesses with different needs and results simply need different approaches. Using a cookie-cutter approach will backfire since it results in low quality campaigns.

You might also find SEO “experts” that take this approach are not very responsive because they have very little time to keep in touch with the client. So if you need to be updated on the campaign or approach in use, you might have a hard time reaching the prospective SEO partners to answer your questions. Remember, these companies rely heavily on sales and there is no time to dwell on customer fulfilment. Quality SEO companies will direct all their effort towards providing excellent results and providing customer satisfaction.

  1. Lack Of Experience

Companies with the cheap SEO services will most likely employ cheap labour. Cheap usually equates to inexperienced. The best SEO firms pride themselves in hiring legitimate and proven SEO experts who are confident in getting business results. Here are some tips to help you find if an SEO firm has inexperienced workers in a given SEO agency.

– An SEO provider that brags about having a large staff may be a warning sign. You will find that experts who have been in business for a long time can often provide better results than those cheap companies with a large staff.

If you want to get the best SEO results, you need to rely on skill, experience as well as tried and tested systems. Don’t look for companies with a large staff with entry-level SEO experts. Once you know the basics of SEO, you can easily identify companies that will most likely offer poor quality services.

– When asking for estimates or proposals, you should beware of those filled with a lot of jargon. These companies try taking advantage of innocent business owners by using needlessly complex wording to intentionally baffle. It’s a way of showcasing expertise when actually, being able to simplify complex actions is more of an indication of an expert.

– Equally, look for the detail that is important and stay away from companies that don’t provide detailed information about their content or lick acquisition techniques. No SEO campaign will work without good content or successful links and should be clearly mentioned in the proposal. If an agency you’re looking to hire doesn’t have a plan for this, then you don’t need to think twice about it.

Choosing a good search engine optimization agency is a decision that should not be taken lightly. You need to do your own research and learn what to look for in a Quality SEO service provider before making your decision. Look for the red flags to make sure that your decision is informed and calculated. Don’t rush into hiring the first company you find especially because it is cheap. Cheap companies will not provide you with the results you are looking for. While you need to budget for your SEO needs, please don’t cut corners because you will get very poor quality work. Invest the time and capital needed to get the best results. With this information, you’re in the best hands.

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