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Our Story

With more than 26 years experience in digital marketing, from the dawn of the internet evolution all the way to web 2.0 and beyond, Haych Enterprises has been digitally fuelled and we love it!  Haych Enterprises was born from seeing a need for an expert team who were able to cater to the needs of all businesses from Micro, through to small enterprises and all the way up to the large international companies. Our aim is to offer excellent digital marketing services, the type of service every digital marketing agency should give, we really aspire to deliver. We offer services and results that we are proud of and that clients love. Find out more, it costs nothing to ask and we are not hard sell. If we can help, we will, if it fits for your business.

digital marketing agency

A digital agency offering everything a business could need to maximise exposure and revenue by using the Internet as an advertising medium.

A Digital Agency

Forward Thinking - digital marketing

The world moves fast & Internet Marketing moves faster! With new changes coming in on a daily basis you need to work with a team who can not only keep up but think ahead.

Forward Thinking

Problem Solver - digital marketing

Our favourite phrase is that a “problem is just a solution upside down”, that’s a refreshing change when working with an agency and its a core standard the team live by.

Problem Solvers

Customer Support - digital marketing

Phone call, email, Skype, WhatsApp, however you want to contact and communicate with us you can be sure of a quick response. Communication is key to your and our business success so we make it easy.

Customer Support

UK And Around The World Digital Marketing Agency

While we have 3 core admin and management staff in the UK we also have a team consisting of 55 experts around the world. Currently this is split out as follows.

Search Engine Optimisation – Technical & Outreach experts
22 staff in San Francisco, Thailand, Manchester, Romania and Barcelona to name a few!

PPC – Paid Media
We have 8 staff who are experts in Google Adwords and social media paid ads such as Facebook ads.

Social Media Experts
We have 9 staff running all the known social media marketing for global businesses, we use Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Meilishuo, Wechat and Xing to name a few

Content Marketing Professionals and Writers
We have 5 content marketing strategists and 6 full time writers, again mainly based in the UK and the USA

Graphic and Design team
We have 5 members of our graphics and design team on hand for help with content and landing pages etc as needed.

If you would like to join our team, then please send a CV / Resume marked for the attention of Paulette to hello@haychenterprises.com

Search Engine Optimisation 85%
Keyword Analysis 85%
Content Marketing 77%
Customer Happiness 98%
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 69%
Market and Internet Reseach 88%

A word from our MD

Haych Phoenix - Haych Enterprises MD

I’ve worked with some great clients and businesses and in truth, the relationships you build with colleagues and partner agencies is essential in being able to deliver the best of breed service to clients.


Managing Director

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