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Content marketing is a modern and efficient marketing tool and it’s essential for any website or indeed social media. This flow of information can come in many forms. Web pages, blog posts, images, infographics, animations, videos, slide shares and press releases, the list is endless. The intention of creating this content is to speak to your target audience. This could be to educate, to share new or current information or it could be of a more persuasive nature aimed at converting them into a customer. Unlike online advertising (banners, commercials), the content in the content marketing does not promote the company or the products at the core, the information is designed to be informative and ideally highly shareable.

Content Marketing Services

Not sure where to begin with your own content marketing? The best advice is to step into your customer shoes. Customers have questions and problems, we all need help and a great business can create compelling content simply by answering those questions or concerns or at the very least, helping to find the answer. This content suddenly becomes relevant AND useful! Companies offer solutions in the form of relevant and useful content. Even Google realise the power of this and they created Google Instant answers (that auto complete that happens when you start typing your query) to help their customers by answering questions proactively.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – Anon

Be an expert, have your business be a source of free information and suddenly your value increases, you build trust in your potential customers and loyalty in your existing one, your reputation will grow and it will touch customers, fans, followers, leads and referrals. The challenge is knowing where to start! We can offer some impartial research and recommendations as part of a consultancy to get you started. If you need help creating the content then was maybe do some of that for you, or if not work with you to research the best providers for your business or sector. expertise in the subject should never be underestimated.

Goals in Content Marketing

Think about what you can do to help and how that information is best consumed some of us love to read but a video can provide instant gratification along with visual instruction as an example. Try and position yourself as the go to expert, become a consultant and not just a sales machine and make your content entertaining! We learn and retain far more while we are enjoying ourselves. By showing someone a solution, you are creating a concrete connection with them. For elements such as inbound marketing this is going to prove invaluable and can generate leads as a by-product.

Great Content Marketing

The objective is not only to create but also to distribute relevant and valuable content for your customers in order to attract and retain them, promoting a totally organic positioning.

With Haych Enterprises Ltd., we are able to attract your potential clients to later turn them into loyal and recurring customers. To do this, we use content as a means of generating trust, credibility, authority and, above all, to give your customers what they are looking for.

In short, we can say that Great Content Marketing is the art of knowing what your clients need and offering it to them through unique and high-quality content.

Benefits of good Content Marketing

  • Create confidence and minimize risks of a wrong purchase decision
  • Strengthen positioning, build expertise and promote branding
  • Attract new customers and guide their purchase decisions
  • Generate recommendations and Leads
  • Attract qualified inquiries from well-informed users
  • Maintain client relationships and promote your good reputation
  • Save advertising costs, generate awareness and raise your brand profile

The value of content marketing

A content strategy is all the more necessary to have a real plan about what to create, when and how to get an audience to view it.

  • You can use in-house experts our you can outsource great content
  • You can use different types of format to appeal to your audience
  • If you’ve different audiences you can create content specific to them
  • You can create content in different languages to appeal to international markets
  • In the above, often existing content to be reused
  • Content works and can be created to suit any marketing budget
  • You control the message and have final say

Content Formats

Formats in content marketing can be completely varied: texts, pictures, videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks, white papers, presentations, newsletters and microsites. Content marketing content can be used anywhere online: website, blogs, newsroom, online PR, social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Flickr. Please don’t let that overwhelm you, it’s not as complex as it seems, it really is about making smart decisions about what to do and when. Having a content strategy in place should always be the starting point for you as that will allow you to get into the detail later and feel more confident about it no matter the size of your business.

Content Creation

Sure, we all talk the talk when it comes to content marketing but for many businesses the missing cog in the machine is being able to create that content in the first place! We know that is a real issue and we feel your pain. That’s why we have a team of writers, graphic designers and content experts who are here to create content for you.

“Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.”  – Anon

As mentioned above there are many different types of content and the approach we encourage is, COPO – which means, create once, publish often. As an example if you have a blog post, that can be repurposed and turned into a slide deck for using on sites like slideshare. That slide deck can then be animated and turned into a video for use on YouTube, it’s the same content at its heart but shared in different ways and designed to appeal to different audiences. That saves both time and money and takes your content marketing to a whole new level.

You need content marketing for your business?

If you are looking for a competent and experienced partner to then simply call us 07966 436 164 or send us an email. We are happy to help. We always start with a consultation first, we might not be the right experts to create the content but we know how to create a plan to get you started and we can show you resources to get the very best experts working for you.