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To come up with the most brilliant ideas we deeply understand the challenges of the healthcare sector. Whether for the pharmaceutical industry, case studies, medical technologies, hospitals, or research, we develop effective marketing campaigns in the healthcare industry. You can think of it as personalized digital medicine for your target audiences. From medical professionals, health-care policymakers and professionals, to doctors and their patients, we cover all access points and engagements to improve your most important results.

How we develop your success through our healthcare marketing

Health is vital: there is hardly a topic that moves us, humans, more. Patients, doctors and other health care professionals, researchers, as well as politicians and journalists, are all interested in medical topics.

But healthcare is also an extensive business area, for which target group-oriented communication and effective marketing are essential. As experienced marketers with medical and scientific expertise; together with our company’s 24 years in the digital marketing business, we are experts in healthcare communication and digital advertising.

Life Sciences

Genetic engineering, antibiotic resistance, or stem cell research – life sciences are among the most interesting fields for what’s to come. Biotechnology not only helps improve the agriculture and medical field but also the industrial production processes. Marketing your life science business or project has never been more critical.

We help Life Sciences organizations come alive with our comprehensive marketing strategies

Life science is our natural abode. We understand and value the Science behind everything around us. We work together with journalists, editors, and writers who are also Scientists that have a wide range of knowledge in anything and everything under the sun. That is why we understand life sciences and can communicate all related topics in an understandable way – in any format, on all channels.

Haych Enterprises Ltd is your organization’s partner in achieving its SEO goals to make it big in the healthcare industry or simply to help you convey your message to your desired audience. We can raise awareness about your brand, build audiences, help with patient recruitment, and offer scientific marketing with a human voice to contribute to the advancement of Life Sciences.



Digital Marketing

We plan and execute marketing campaigns in biotechnology, producing content that covers all zones of life sciences – from case studies to clinical trials, from medical to agricultural and technological advancements.

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  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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  • Online reputation

Public Relations & Social Media

In today’s media immersed generation, telling people a convincing story is vital to securing a wider scope of audience. Competition tends to be high and the ever-evolving landscape in the digital scene implies that social media and online publication, must be a priority when it comes to Public Relation campaigns. That is why we try to check every communication channels holistically. To be able to identify the best portals to use in conveying your announcements. We also tell science as a micro-story – as a social media post for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

  • Press Releases & Events
  • Editorial Publishings
  • Media Relationships
  • Meta Tags Customization
  • Social Media Management

Creative Design and Planning

We believe that projects can only be successful if you understand each other right from the start. We listen, learn how your business works and ask the right questions. Because only when the goals and the communication goal are clearly defined can the best possible solution be found. We develop and design advertising concepts for print and digital media.

  • SEM & Website Banners
  • Infographics
  • PPC and Social Media Campaign concepts
  • Website Concept & Design
  • Landing page development
  • Videos & Animations
  • Branding|Rebranding

Branding Strategy

In the fast-paced nature of the healthcare & life sciences sector, an essential brand will make a solid effort to draw in the consideration of clinicians and health care influencers both off and on the web – making it a convincing and pertinent piece of your business. Branding builds a strong base from which you can debut and license new products and programming software, separately or as a piece of a brand family. This can assist you with expanding your venture into new markets, develop your business and build up more noteworthy brand mindfulness. Launching new products or services with effective branding can make a huge impact when the correct planning is executed.

  • Logos & Banners
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  • Presentations
  • Campaign concepts
  • Website Concept & Design
  • Landing page development
  • Videos & Animations
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Branding|Rebranding

Content Marketing

We discuss with researchers on an equal footing we have always been in contact with the international Scientific Community. With our Scientific content marketing engagements, we present facts and information: Life science stories from Haych Enterprises Ltd – these can be anywhere between infographics, slideshows, articles, and digital literature (eBooks) as well as case studies.

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  • Press releases
  • Case Studies
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