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Video Marketing – The Internet Unleashed Would you still be reading this article if it was five years from now, or would you instead be watching it? This is an interesting question to think about as online video continues to rise in popularity and importance.

Cisco reports that video will represent 69% of total consumer internet traffic by 2017. Video-on-demand traffic by itself will nearly triple by then. As I sort through all of the statistics on this particular topic, it is hard to find any indications of anything other than rapid growth.

Given that online video is fast becoming an essential way for individuals to satisfy their entertainment and information needs, those business that do not integrate it into their overall internet marketing strategies are putting themselves at risk. The future of content marketing is video. That is, if it isn’t already. Numerous studies show that over half of all companies are using the medium already. As more businesses continue to become aware of all of the possibilities that video has to offer, it is predicted that this percentage will continue to increase. According to Nielsen, 64% of marketers are expecting that their strategies will be dominated by video in the near future. It is easy to see why this is the case.

“Video informs and entertains and more people would prefer to watch a video than read text, the explosion of YouTube proves that.” – Haych Phoenix-Stones

Video is without equal in terms of the potential reach that it has. YouTube receives over one billion unique visitors each month – which is more than all other channels with the exception of Facebook. Each week one out of three Britons watch one online video at least. So just in the UK, that is a weekly audience of over 20 million individuals. Video provides you with access to a huge audience. When done well, you video can give you a small slice of this huge pie. What other type of content can provide you with the same reach as that?

Video Marketing Service

The tremendous success of some videos that have really gone viral are legendary. For example, a recent Volkswagen campaign saw three of its videos get a combined 155 million views. If these numbers appear to be out of reach for smaller businesses that don’t have 12-figure income streams, at least they demonstrate just how shareable video inherently is. If you can engage your viewers, they will want to share your videos with those they know. They will also spend more time interacting with your brand and stay on your website longer. For any SEO efforts and social media campaigns, video is definitely one of the best tools you can possibly have at your disposal.

It is very engaging naturally, and in today’s world of information overload, it is critical that small business provide content in easy to digest formats; otherwise, consumers will just move onto something else. Video is very good at this. According to Forrester researchers, if a picture can paint a thousand words, then just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It isn’t surprising that Axxon Research found that 7 in 10 individuals review brands more positively after viewing some interesting video content produced by them.

However, is it really possible for any business to use video marketing, even small ones? Yes, absolutely. In recent years there has been a significant decrease in production costs, and you don’t have to be a technical wizard any longer to work out how it should be used. Apps like Twitter’s vine, which has a maximum clip length of six seconds, has greatly increased the chances for businesses that are on a limited budget to take advantage of the opportunities that video provides. However, you do need to keep the following in mind, in order to see a good return on your investment.

  • Always take the audience that you are attempting to reach into consideration and make sure your videos are relevant to them. It is most likely a big waste of your time, if it isn’t an appropriate way to get your message across to your audience.Make sure to use social media and promote your videos over multiple channel. In order to realise the full potential of video, you need to make it easy for your viewers to find your videos and share them. Also make sure to not neglect mobile. According to Ooyala, ten percent of all video plays occur on tablets and mobile, and it is become in increasingly critical segment. At end of June 2013, mobile phones held 41% more of video consumption share than it did at the beginning of the year.
  • Finally, also be creative, with the campaign strategies you are building around your videos, as well as the actual videos themselves. As our marketing head is fond of saying, creative wins over production costs every time. If you get that part right, video will definitely be the future of your content marketing efforts.

As a team, Haych Enterprises has been working with Video marketing and Video SEO for a number of years and we continue to see the demand and reach for it grow. Add it to your marketing plan, it’s not as expensive as it may seem and there are many ways to animate content to create an illusion of video.

Arial Videography

What Are You Droning On About?

No longer the plaything of the rich or the military, drones or UAV’s (unmanned arial vehicles) are becoming essential technology in todays digital media. Taking an arial shot of your business location, your property or creating a compelling scene for inclusion in a marketing video, drones are useful and increasingly accessible. You might also hear them referred to as RPA’s (remote piloted aircraft) or even quadcopters.

Just be aware there are laws around using drones for commercial purposes and common sense does not always prevail when it comes to flying near built up areas and it can even have an impact in terms of the drone being flown out of line of sight! Saying all of that we work with UAV’s and also have a certified drone pilot we can call on.

Examples of how drone arial video and photography can be used includes:

  • In action shots above sporting events – such as golf courses.
  • Property adverts – an arial shot makes a great addition to any property marketing – hotel and resorts can create a beautiful birds eye view to add to their digital marketing.
  • We’ve even been asked to create footage from above business premises.
  • Adding in arial shots to any sort of video marketing adds a new dimension and these do really well on sharing sites like YouTube.
  • Live action sports shots – some work done for a Ski Resort produced some stunning promotional footage for the resort and it also works well for schools or hire shops.
  • Lightweight banners can even be carried beneath some of the larger UAV’s


The list goes on and our job is working with clients to create new and compelling ways to use arial footage from UAV’s.

Video SEO

Video SEO – Ranking Videos as a traffic generator

Google changed the way links worked and we won’t bore you with the technical aspects and impacts of what is called the Google Zoo. Suffice to say there were some algorithm changes – so impactful changes to the way the main Western search engine, Google, reviewed websites. It was nicknamed the Google Zoo as many of the changes were named after animals like Pandas and Penguins.A main change was really emphasising the importance of content and that’s why content marketing, as well as being a service has become almost a buzzword and has had an entire industry spring up serving it.

Somewhat bizarrely as for a good SEO company or digital marketing agency – content should always have been at the heart of what was being done for the client. It means that building or better still “earning” links (popularity contest to build authority) almost plays second fiddle to having great content that earns those links over time and provides a better customer experience.

Video is a great marketing asset and still is being underused by businesses of all sizes. Why? Because you can optimise video content in a similar way to how you optimise websites – hence the term Video SEO or Video Search Engine Optimisation. Video is really just another “type” of content but with the ability to optimise it, there are many opportunities. A good SEO agency should be looking ideally at how they can include that into your strategy and some small businesses are increasingly relying on Video content marketing as their primary tool and with good reason!

“A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.” Jeremy Abel

Video SEO & Creation – Avoiding the Pitfalls

OK, so you’re excited. Video is a lot more accessible in terms of cost than ever before. Amazing things can be done with animation and even with some creativity the HD video capabilities of a smartphone. The world is your oyster BUT it needs to be more than a fad or a nice thought. Video needs to be created with an intent behind it otherwise it won’t serve you. Think about it as a marketing tool, what do you want to achieve with it?

Having a video marketing strategy need be no more complex than assigning what you want to achieve and also how you’ll measure those results. Even at a low cost, you don’t want to waste money that you could invest elsewhere.

Video SEO Goals

So looking at it logically what do you want the video to do? It could be informational and a way of providing information, our intro video is an example of that. We also shared it on our YouTube channel and that is then a way of generating traffic through to the company (this) website.That means we can track its reach by measuring likes, clicks and traffic and it also helps with our SEO as visitors who watch the video spend a couple of minutes longer on the site, thus reducing an important metric Google measures – called bounce rate.

So metric one is Traffic and metric two is links and then we can add a third metric in, which is social shares, are other people liking and sharing the video? If they do then that expands our audience.

The challenges with all of the above is there is a LOT of video uploaded to sites like YouTube, so you need to do something that will cut through the noise. Enter video SEO – it’s designed so just like on Google and the other search engines, that you can be found for relevant search terms (keywords). The better your video is at being found then the more likely you are to have views, traffic and shares!

Want to investigate any type of video SEO or want to get help with creating a video, then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help you.