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Understand Your Business

Your business is unique, big or small we need to know about you, what makes your business special and how we can help you get more business.

Understand Your Goals

What are the business goals? More signups or downloads, more leads, better visibility than your competitors? What is most important and when?

Digital For Results!

Your business is unique, big or small we need to know about you, what makes your business special and how we can help you get more business.

Transform Your Health & Life Sciences Business Online

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

You should be able to answer your customers’ questions and provide as much information and insights about a certain product as you can, this includes an effective ecommerce marketing

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“Digital Marketing is in our DNA, for more than 24 years the team have worked online helping businesses realise their goals and we are focused on results.”

We offer a full digital marketing arsenal and work with clients to determine the best actions to get the desired results. We are consultancy led. Whether you need search engine optimisation (SEO services), Pay Per click help (SEM Services), content marketing or just some digital marketing ideas, the Haych Enterprises team can help. We are the #1 SEO Company in Brighton.

Digital Marketing – Why?

There are approximately 2.5 billion Internet users on the planet. 90% of Internet activities involve using search engines like Google to find required products or services.

  • We help more and more businesses that are struggling to maintain their presence online.
  • Any business with good digital marketing applied will gain more clients and out perform most of their competitors
  • Digital Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and covers everything from search engine optimisation, paid media services, social media, digital press releases and a whole range of online advertising.
  • We offer a full digital marketing arsenal, everything you need to grow your business.


We’ve worked with many wonderful clients from all industries and in many countries.


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Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Consumers throughout the world are increasingly inclined towards digital platforms. Most people spend several hours a week online on social media, digital media, searching for answers to certain questions, and even shopping.

Digital marketing is not only aimed at businesses that only operates online, it is also essential for physical companies to reach a greater number of potential customers through digital marketing. Online presence is essential because most people look for information through the web before availing a service or buying a product. Having a company found when users search for it online can make the difference between a new customer gained or a sale lost to a competition.

Data in the virtual world has gained great importance which is why digital marketing tools have become essential to increase visibility and traffic, as well as to improve the image that the brand has with its consumers.

Complete Digital Analysis and Compatibility Test

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