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International SEO is so much more than just some translation of your website content into another language or two. While that takes time and commitment when you do that step right, it is not all that is needed to ensure your business is a success on foreign shores. Global SEO means looking at the world through the eyes of the audience that you want to influence. Understand what is important to them, what drives them to engage with businesses like yours and what makes them want to buy from you as opposed to your competition.

International SEO

International SEO Services For Real Results

If you want to grow your business now is the time to do it. With the technology we have at our fingertips, now is the perfect time to get your business in front of completely new audiences. You can do this with less effort than you would think. If you can deliver your products or services to your end users then you can have an international business.

The benefits of trading internationally are many and not least that other markets may be less competitive than your local one. Maybe your competitors have not taken that step yet and perhaps local competition does not offer the services, quality or other selling points that you can bring.
Often international SEO can uncover a real demand for you business, sometimes just because you are NOT local to them can make your products and services more interesting and in demand. Just take a look at the explosion of UK businesses supplying China in recent years to get an idea of the potential of working with other countries.
“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” ―T.S. Eliot

Benefits of International SEO

You can run search engine optimisation in any country, it does not have to be America or even Europe, you can step further afield to The Middle and Far East, head towards Russia or down to Australia. As long as you can deliver what you are selling then the world can be your oyster.

We can offer some web research and marketing insights to help you uncover the best markets to expand into if this is your first step into Global marketing. Equally if you have your target markets already defined, we can deliver localisation SEO so that you get your message across and your business visible and ranking well where ever you choose to trade.

Global SEO
International Seo

SEO and Culture

Culture is a big part of a successful international SEO project, being able to really localise your business at a level that takes into consideration more than just language barriers. Being polite is one thing but without knowing what may or may not offend your audience, can make or break your international success.

Even the biggest brands get this wrong sometimes and it’s down to not doing the right research or having the right team in place who have local experts to unravel those potential risks and make your expansion a smooth rather than a rocky ride.

International SEO

Are there local holidays that you can tap into?  Again, in China the phenomenon unique to them called Singles Day, it makes the western Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping events pale into comparison. The there is the traditional New Years day on 1st January in Russia but this is the time they like to give gifts beneath a fir tree, then they celebrate again on the 14th January!

While these are some fun facts you can share at your next dinner party, they are also insights into cultures that we may not be familiar with. Add into the mix religion, beliefs and family and you can see, there is often a lot to learn and capitalise on when talking to your audience in a way that shows you really understand them.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Mahatma Gandhi

Localisation – Language AND Culture

To have international SEO really work for you and deliver results, you need to know what you audience does and does not like, what’s important to them and what is and is not appropriate to show, tell and share. Get that mix right and you will be engaging with them in an authentic way. That means they will like and most importantly, trust you more.

It does not need to be complicated – what you need are experts who know about timings, holidays and events that will be relevant to your business. Why promote a food service and run a sale for Muslims who are fasting during Ramadan? It’s been known to happen!

Why take a great photo but not realise that showing the soles of the models feet is about to offend all of a particular Arab culture?

Our expert international and localisation experts are here to take that painful learning curve away. They can target almost any country and allow your business to engage naturally and become successful. We can build local language links, even when the most popular language isn’t the main language – there are many Hybrid or Mixed languages but Singlish is probably one of the best known. Often spoken more frequently than the nations mother tongue, it’s quite fascinating to hear and run your marketing in Singlish and you will get almost guaranteed more attention!

Want to know more about the options and opportunities for you business internationally? Then get in touch, we are happy to help.

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