Delighted to now announce that Haych Enterprises is now a certified Google Parter


By now being a Google partner, we believe It just shows we know what we are doing and for all things search related you are working with a team of professionals who fully understand and can apply best practice. Contact us as always if you need any help, both practical application and consultancy is available to businesses of all sizes.

Why we are Google certified

A lot of our consultancy is based around Google as the premier search engine in the Western Hemisphere so it seemed a logical step to just sit the Google exams to show we fully understand the intricacies of search. Whether that involves getting into the details of your Google Analytics, setting up search console to provide you with unique insights, through to using Google Adwords to deliver immediate ROI through our understanding of this advertising platform.

While Google certification remains optional, we think it acts as a good indicator when you are working with a professional team of experts. Digital Marketing moves at a rapid pace but being able to understand the tools you use gives us intelligence and insight. While we use these every day, getting a thumbs up from Google themselves takes time and effort. They do not make the exams easy to pass and rightly so.


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