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Content marketing platforms are essential tools for creating, publishing and monitoring the pieces of communication that a brand wants to publish on the internet.

In this article, you will learn what content marketing platforms are and what are the best tools available on the market in 2022.

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What is a content marketing platforms

Content marketing platforms are programs specially designed to manage the practices associated with digital content marketing.

Digital content is understood as all the diversity of significant elements, created with a specific objective, by a company, brand or entity to attract web traffic, positioning and potential customers and/or higher sales.

This is the raw material of digital marketing: the texts, articles, images, videos, audios, that offer information or entertainment that are disseminated through the internet, on various channels or platforms.

For this reason, content marketing platforms are software that will help create content correctly, considering the objectives of the brand, the needs of the audience and the correct formulation of text, images and videos.

It is that, when designing digital content, it must be considered that this piece of communication will be competing with hundreds of other communication campaigns that are looking for the same audience.

In order to compete and gain ground in the digital ecosystem, content must be well written. An agile reading should be contemplated and with the use of keywords that will take your content directly to the target audience.

The platforms or software, although they have specific characteristics and virtues, analyse and accompany the development of the content and its subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

What features do content marketing platforms offer?

Although each of the software options on the market must be evaluated and analysed, generally all these platforms offer comprehensive solutions to manage:

Content writing: with assessments on the quality of writing, grammar, punctuation, and readability.

Content review: metrics are offered to comprehensively qualify the communicative piece, considering length and visual breaks.

Adding images and videos: they help in the correct placement and adaptation of images to different types of screens.

Multi-channel broadcasting: They offer publishing tools and integration with other communication platforms and social networks.

Interaction between team members: Some content marketing platforms also have seamless communication tools and notifications to keep the team together.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): All of the above solutions are in turn evaluated under the terms of organic search marketing. That is, they have tools to improve the ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERP) without paying for the location. Within these tools are solutions for: keyword analysis, monitoring and trend analysis.

If you were wondering what content marketing platforms are, you will find that they are much more than a text editor or a content management template; they also include tools that will assist in the entire workflow process, from planning and publishing, to evaluation and monitoring.

What media and platforms does content marketing use?

Content marketing can be successfully managed with content marketing software and platforms. Although there is a great diversity of these tools, only some stand out from the rest due to their practicality and potential. These are the top 5.


SEMrush is one of the most powerful content marketing platforms on the market. It has a powerful data and keyword research system to create valuable content from SEO traffic and Content Marketing.

It also performs an analysis of the competition that seeks to reach the same audience, identifying its highest performing keywords. SEMrush allows you to:

  • Global strategies.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO audits to detect errors or problems.
  • Link Research, to find out the most successful web addresses in your market.
  • Historical performance reports and trends in a clear and easy to understand format.

Hub Spot

HubSpot is one of the most complete Content Marketing platforms on the market. Their products go beyond marketing, also offering sales, CRM, and ERP software. For this reason, it has established itself in the market.

It also has very complete reports that will help the marketing team to analyse the creation of campaigns. This tool allows:

  • write blogs
  • Define SEO strategies for social networks, email and landing pages.
  • Marketing automation flows and web analytics.
  • Integrate the software into your current website or build your entire website.
  • Keyword research.


Percolate is one of the content marketing platforms that focuses more on the application of the campaign on social networks.

It develops in three large fields:

  • Content management.
  • Brand management.
  • Administration of social networks.

It allows you to manage all your content in one place, organized by client, different subcategories, or the way you like. It offers functions of:

  • Synchronization of different social platforms.
  • Content Approval, with analytics and is easy to use making it easy to send and receive approvals from clients.
  • Schedule to plan multiple weeks of social posts, with planning calendar
  • Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Social listening and monitoring of SEO trends.


If we talk about content marketing platforms that focus on SEO analysis, we cannot leave Ahrefs aside.

This software has:

  • Competitor Research: With the revelation of your competitor’s organic keywords, backlink strategies and keywords.
  • Link building: analyse the strongest links in the market in which your brand is developed.
  • Relevant keywords.
  • Content Research: Reveal and analyse the most popular content on any topic.
  • Rank Tracking: Search ranking tracking.
  • Mentions Monitoring – Receive email alerts whenever you or your brand is mentioned online Website Audit – Find out what SEO issues your website has and how to fix them.


Another of the tools that will help in the creation of SEO web content is the WooRank software. It allows you to perform website analysis, which will give your marketing team a lot of valuable data to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Some of the functions offered by this platform are:

  • Track competitors.
  • Website optimization.
  • SEO reports.
  • Track progress in real time.
  • Analysis of web pages with SEO audits.
  • Detailed SEO reports.


You already know what content marketing platforms are and, as you can see, this software covers different flanks of digital content production. Some focus on SEO tools, others are copywriting assistants, and some focus on campaign posting and analysis.

For this reason and to find the right software, it is important to analyse and evaluate all the options available on the market.

Alternatively work with an SEO or content marketing agency who likely already has access to some or maybe all of these tools. They can then do the heavy lifting and save your business significant outlay on software costs.

Ready for some FREE content analysis? Contact the Haych Enterprises team today.

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