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Creative social media consultancy in London & Brighton Social Media – get involved because it’s happening

We have a lot of businesses who tell us they are not on social media as it’s not relevant to their business, then a host of other reasons explaining that thought process. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but social media is as important as search engines. Why? Simple, word of mouth has become word of “mouse” and recommendations and reviews have moved online and the impact (good or bad) is bigger than it’s ever been before.

Social media is happening and if “Dave” wants to know any good plumbers, or “Mandy” wants to know about a new drug trial for IBS then you can guarantee, that conversation will be on social media at some stage. If you are on social media, then you can trigger paid media adverts based around audience behaviour, or you can have a presence so that you can hear that commentary and maybe influence it.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?” – Erik Qualman

Reputations are made and destroyed online

It’s true there has been a lot in the media about review sites like Trip Advisor literally causing businesses to fold due to bad reviews, justified or not, we take what the internet and more importantly our friends and family, says as gospel. One bad review can shake the foundations of a small business, a few can topple business giants and they will certainly have an impact on your bottom line. You do not need to be on social media yourself, there are hoards of experts available who will do that for you and if you do not yet have an expert or team in place, it can be easy to up-skill one of them to manage the social media for you. The real challenge comes in understanding which social media deserves your time and attention and the best way to use it.

Social Media Consultants

Social media consultants help you get customers through well-defined strategies using content marketing.

One way to ensure that your brand is known is through content sharing. By creating an editorial calendar, you are able to place interactive content every week on your social networks. These tasks can be carried out or better refined by a social media consultant.

The social media consultant also creates a plan to strengthen your brand through social networks which have a strong power of dialogue between companies with the help of powerful tools.

Not being on social media these days is like shooting yourself in the foot and not having a consultant to devise the right strategy makes you lose money unnecessarily. Content such as surveys, events, e-books, forums, etc., tend to attract consumers even from different niches and if the content adds value your customer, it will probably close a deal for you.

Social Media Consultancy – sorting out the weeds from the blooms

Social media consultancy is designed to look at your business and then see where the opportunities and the challenges of social media are. Detailed research will uncover some of the best possible paths and it will also ensure that your competitors don’t have a clear winning strategy to gain clients that you are missing out on. Can social media drive traffic and have a real impact on business? Absolutely, look online and you will find a case study for a business in your sector who has had some amazing results.

The social media landscape moves quickly and you do not want to leave this any longer if you do not yet have a social media strategy in place. If you are using social media and are struggling to manage it, or to see the benefits or to get the wider business to buy more into it, then equally a consultation will help you start to get the right foundation in place. Drop us a line and we can book in a free call to chat more to give you some initial ideas and see what the next steps are, no risk, pressure or obligation. We are here to help.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management – Done For You

Sometimes you just want to maximise your social media activity and that means hiring experts to do the heavy lifting for you. We can work with you plan and even automate some of your Facebook, Tweets and LinkedIn updates. We can work with you to ensure your social media is branded and matches your company look and feel and we’ll also help with optimising your social media.

Optimising just means working with the social media platform to ensure they understand who you are and what you do. Just like Google et al, they have search algorithms running in them. By optimising your profile content, it increases the chance of you being found for what you and your business offers.

“Social Media is about the audience, not about your business. Provide value to the audience and they’ll reward your business.” – Haych

Social Media – Engagement Is Key

We can also agree what type of audience engagement is needed and do that for you as well. Social media is about having conversations with your audience be they fans, followers or contacts. Too many businesses get into the habit of sending out updates and offers – this broadcasting only approach simply does not work. It’s like being cornered at a party by that one bore who does nothing but talk about themselves incessantly!

Whatever your social media plans, whether you want to train someone in-house, need some help with strategy or want the whole kit and kaboodle managed for you, then contact us and we’ll see what we might be able to do to help.