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London & Brighton based PPC agency for pay per click advertising Want to know more about Pay Per Click?

Check out this simple 3 minute video below that gives you a simple overview of PPC. You can see the benefits for yourself. There are many incentives offered by the search engines to trial PPC for yourself but it is more complex than it appears and even if they give you a free voucher, make the most of it and get some results.

PPC Services – Much More Than Meets The Eye

Digital marketing is just about getting your website visible online. SEO really helps as that basically means you rank against certain relevant keywords or phrases because the search engines see the correlation between your website and those searches. SEO does take time, it is the nature of the service and to some extent it simply cannot be rushed as there are many factors outside of the consultant or agencies control.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

PPC (Pay Per Click) is basically a shortcut to being instantly visible on search engines like Google and Bing. You can also buy PPC ads on social media sites as well, see more about that on your social media pages but for now back to the search engines. Google PPC is something called AdWords and for Bing Ads are the Bing version of that.Pay Per Click advertising gives you the control and the ability to reach out to your future clients, if you are struggling to gain momentum in the search engine Organic listings or just starting out, you can have your business showing in the search results in a matter of hours.

Buying visibility this way is a definite shortcut, you place a bid; both search engines use a similar auction approach to deciding which adverts are shown and in which positions. Before you get too excited and decide this is the solution you have been searching for (no pun intended) please exercise a little caution. There are some express options in the platforms that are designed to help those unwary business owners keen to see their names and businesses online get started super fast but using PPC effectively is recommended. There are a lot of pitfalls that can empty your wallet.

A lot of thought needs to go into ad creation, keyword research, what strategy you wish to use and basic best practice in order to get you the right results you want. That’s where Haych Enterprises can help, from checking your current campaigns (a free audit), to setting the account up correctly for you and showing you how to manage that with some initial advice and hand-holding and we can even manage the whole service for you if you want to be hands off and concentrating on running your business, it’s completely up to you.

Pay Per Click is a great marketing solution and it can work very well indeed but we do recommend getting some help and advice in the initial stages and you can be assured then of avoiding pitfalls and costly mistakes.

How Does Using Paid Media / Ads Work?

How does PPC work?

Tis a simple thing, your advert will get shown (impressions) when certain search terms you indicate you want to bid against are shown. Getting these impressions is really free as you do not get charged by the search engine until your advert is actually clicked on, hence the term Pay Per Click. The search engines only charge when the advert is clicked, and in mobile devices if you are contacted from the trackable number in your call extension.

Now, the magic comes in working out how much that click will cost you and this is where the black and white turns a little grey. Each search engine or platform like Twitter, uses its own scoring criteria but basically you can check to see how much the search engine recommends you bid for each click, this can be pennies or pounds, it’s very dependant on how competitive the search terms are. What you can and indeed MUST do is set up what your cost per click (CPC) maximum bid is for each keyword is. Now what you opt to set as that maximum will determine whereabouts your advert shows on the page. You can increase your bid to try to get better positioning but other factors in the algorithm do also impact this, things like bounce rates, quality of the website, where this click takes the potential customer thought to on your site and a number of other elements that we can go into directly with you. For now lets keep this post to the basics.

“The best place to
hide a dead body is
on page 2 of Google”.

Different types of PPC advertising

There are a few different options as to HOW you can advertise using the pay-per-click model. Some work better than others depending on what results you want to achieve, here are some of the more common different ways.

  • Keyword based search advertising on Google & Bing (keywords driven showing results directly in the search engines results pages (SERPs) like the two sample images above)
  • Content and display advertising on partner sites (display network)
  • Shopping Ads (typically below the first advert that is paid for and above local listings)
  • Re-marketing (marketing to people who have already visited your website but not yet become a customer, what we refer to playfully as PPC stalking)

PPC As A Marketing Choice

Is PPC right for my business?

Pay per click advertising is accessible to businesses of all sizes. If you have a business and need customers then you know that customers will be using search engines to look, assess and compare businesses. It’s how people who do not know you will most likely find you. We all use the internet for this, how much you spend will depend on your budget and also what the demand is for your services, our free audit for PPC can give you some insights as to what you could or should set aside for this.

My PPC isn’t delivering results

We hear this a lot, you’ve tried pay-per-click in the past and it just hasn’t worked out for you. It’s more common than you would think and that’s where expertise really helps. With our PPC audit, if you have run PPC before then we can have a look at the account and make some recommendations for you. Often it can be a simple fix to get things working as we know that they can for you. Other times you just need to try different ads or even a different platform, there is always a route well-traveled where we can adapt your account to deliver for you.

Try it with an expert team running it and you will almost certainly see a difference and with no long contracts to tie you in, there really is nothing to lose.

Advertising is an audio or visual form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea.”  – Wikipedia.

Why choose Pay Per Click?

You control it and you can see what you spend vs. what you earn, it is super simple to understand what is and is not working and it gives you immediate visibility and usually fast results. You can turn it on and off, run it only at set times of day or through naturally quiet times to get more business or even run it for specific promotions and sales, it is incredibly flexible.

What now?

If you have run PPC before and want to get better results then please book our free audit now and we ll give you some insights as to what can be achieved.

If you’ve never run PPC before then we can help you set up your first pay-per-click project and get you set up with everything you need, we create the adverts, banners, copy and do that all within your own account so you have complete control and visibility of what is being done and of course you own it!