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SEO Company in Brighton with highly skilled digital marketing consultants

One of the biggest challenges with delivering SEO services is being able to tailor the service exactly to what the client needs. If you have hired a Brighton SEO agency or Brighton or London SEO expert in the past and are reading this then we bet you have been disappointed because you are, after all, still searching. We don’t intend to bad mouth other SEO agencies, there are some amazing ones who invest a small fortune in research and have great teams. The sad fact is they are few and far between.

I (Haych Phoenix-Stones, MD) have worked for agencies who outsource all their SEO requirements offshore to keep the prices down and they just account manage from the UK to provide an appearance of a locally delivered service. Please don’t think that is me judging, I understand fully the reasoning behind that, cost being the main one but ultimately how you can back a service that you know doesn’t work? By offering SEO consultancy, the aim is to either help your business control your own fate and manage your own SEO or find a digital marketing agency who are real experts.

“If it isn’t on Google it doesn’t exist.”

– Jimmy Whale, co-founder of Wikipedia

Brighton & London SEO services – the conundrum

Here at Haych Enterprises, we genuinely have a heartfelt passion for digital marketing, it moves at a lightening rate and it is always changing. As SEM consultants, we can stay abreast of that and are experts in all the latest changes so we can advise on what needs to be done and how best to get the results for you, the client.

The challenge has always been understanding what the important SEO changes are and then having the time to deliver that. Whether that’s a service or as training to your digital marketing teams. This can create a critical gap in delivery times. As an expert in your business, surely it makes sense to choose a digital marketing expert who understands your business and challenges? Whether you are doing search engine optimisation in-house or buying the service, you need to recruit specifically. You need experts who understand and can convey what you need and how that should be measured and assessed when parting with your hard earned cash. That’s where good digital marketing consultants expertise truly shines.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO for small businesses in London, Brighton & all over the world

We offer small business SEO services, providing on-page optimisation and link-building at a competitive price. Haych Enterprises can provide national and local SEO. While we are London & Brighton based digital marketing agency, we work with clients all over the world who have a local focus. The SEO services we offer are cost-effective and fair, we work with you and do some initial checks to understand more about what your business needs from that we can then determine the best rates for you to get the results you want.

Haych Enterprises always recommends starting with a free digital marketing consultancy first, as otherwise, you are just being sold a service you may not actually need. After a lot of research, it became obvious that a lot of agencies that bother to offer small businesses SEO are either too costly for small businesses or they offer pre-set packages. These packages look good on the surface but when you dig a little deeper they rarely cost the advertised basic price as you have to choose other add ons. Either that or the price is so low you have to question if anything is being done!

“The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google.” Anon

Local SEO services all start from a consultancy first model, that’s to see if what we offer matches what you need, who knows you might have someone in house who can do the job better and they just need some digital training or some hand holding. If our small business (local) SEO service works for you then that’s great, we’ve created them with a small business in mind after all.

They are composed of core components such as citations in local directories, google local business listings and optimised local content, as well as enhancements usually only found in more expensive packages, like our generous 20 keywords per website and a comprehensive performance monitor. An affordable SEO UK service for the small business and the individual covering SEO services for Google, Bing and Yahoo is what any small business needs.

Whats included in the Small Business SEO service?

Our aim is to provide the best possible SEO services for small businesses and local businesses, here are some of the features and benefits of working with the Haych Enterprise team:

  • Rank on the 1st page of Google for relevant terms and your business name
  • Attract more visitors to your website by tapping into the power of the search engines for you
  • Convert more visitors to leads and sales by ensuring your website is easy to use when visitors find you
  • Receive more calls to your office/store from potential customers who are pre-qualified
  • More leads, more revenue, better reach.

Only hire a consultant or brighton seo agency who you can work and one who you trust. We do not tie you into long-term contracts, it’s about working together to get you results and while it may take a little time to get everything you want to achieve, we should be able to start seeing improvements in 4-6 weeks typically of working together!

We do not hide fees the service Haych Enterprises offers is complete and includes everything from competitor research, helping you choose keywords, doing the on page optimisation and building links for you too. The pricing is not a package because it depends on your business and what you want to achieve but we promise you, we are affordable and SEO is an investment in your business (also it’s a tax-deductible service!)

You are welcome to requestt our FREE Search engine compatibility test, that will then give us a clear idea  what types of keywords you may want to rank for and then from there we can provide you a cast iron quote. All our SEO techniques and processes are White Hat, that simply means Haych Enterprises SEO is ethical and we abide by Google’s SEO guidelines. We are Google Partners, so you know you are getting real experts helping you.

The SEO service guidelines prohibits any SEO consultant or marketing agency from guaranteeing rankings but what I can guarantee my service delivery. That means improvement in both rankings, reach and traffic.

The first step is simple, just get in touch and take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you

International SEO

International SEO – growingyour business digitally in other countries International Search Engine Optimisation is no longer just the playing field of big business, if you think of some of the big success stories of recent years; Uber, Air BnB, Netflix – these all started locally and then grew at a rapid rate through intelligent international expansion and SEO paid a big part in that growth.

With current technology, we can serve clients all over the world without needing to be physically present and regardless as to whether you offer products or service, with good digital marketing you can get your business in front of an audience without ever needing to meet them in person.

“The Limits Of My Language Mean The Limits Of My World. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

International or global search engine optimisation need not be complex, understanding the best practice for the technical aspects of your website is stage one, then looking at what you need to do to localise it. That’s not always language either. Just think about selling to the vast market in the USA or Australia, both that speak English but have their own localised version of language or phrases.

  • Colour vs. color (USA)
  • Aluminium vs. aluminum (USA)
  • Flip-Flops vs. Thongs (Australia)
  • Flips-Flops vs. Jandals (New Zealand)

The list goes on…..

Also other elements are importance based on local traditions, religions/beliefs and views. Simple things we take for granted can be seen as inappropriate in other countries. The bottom of a foot or shoe in Arabic culture can be seen as an insult, the Thais are also against the soles of the feet being shown. That means be culturally sensitive when showing certain imagery.

Global SEO Services For Your Business

We’ve had the pleasure of working with brand names and also small businesses with great ideas, serving an international audience is as much about desire. Check out our market and web research services if you think your business will do well internationally but you need some solid proof.

What you think may do well in the USA might be better suited to a growing market need in the Netherlands for example. Choosing the right markets and how to approach those markets can be a critical first step and it’s one our team has a lot of experience in.

Get in touch to find out more and discuss your project, we’re happy to share our insights and experience.

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