Digital Marketing Consultant Brighton

Digital Marketing Consultant in Brighton

Today’s business world cannot make leaps and bounds without leveraging the Internet and every business now is doing what they can to make sure their business takes advantage of the unique opportunities the Internet brings. Such is the demand that the need for skilled marketing consultants keeps growing by the day.

Companies are keen on hiring a Brighton marketing consultant as they need access to experience in SEO, display advertising, and social media networking. This has led to the emergence of a new marketing professional, the Digital Marketing Consultant Brighton. A consultant bridges the gap between the corporate industry and the profitable world of online business.

Hiring A Brighton Digital Marketing Consultant

You may have been advised to consider hiring a digital consultant, but get an expert who knows what they are doing as their advice can really help your business grow.

As a Brighton Marketing Consultant who is an expert in internet marketing, the team here at Haych Enterprises can help in all online marketing areas, do you want more Twitter and Facebook followers? Maybe you’d like to understand about the power of reviews and get some constructive Yelp reviews? Or perhaps your website is ranking low on Google and you’d like a strategy for getting that better results? A Brighton digital consultant can offer help with all these areas an more.

What Is A Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital Marketing Consultant BrightonA digital marketing consultant is a professional whose skills touch on the many aspects of the digital needs of a business. Theirs is a domain of digital functions of marketing a business.

Turn on the computer, and you travel into the world of binary where everything is all about 1s and 0s; the online world where advertising, emailing, and social networking are the order of the day. It is a world where a digital consultant rules as they understand the intricacies of what to a layperson can seem very confusing! While you may have the hang of working with your keyboard and mouse or that touchscreen device to access the online world, a good digital marketing consultant can help you make sense of how to use the Internet to market your business on a suitable scale.

As the grand marketing puppeteer, the digital consultant must know how to pull the strings of your business digitally to make the online world respond in a certain way. It is a skill that requires significant knowledge about each string and how to manipulate it.

Digital Marketing Brighton

Every marketing campaign needs to invest in measurable and quantifiable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Your Brighton Marketing consultant will work with you and help you determine the most important KPIs for your business. From this they can then help with the development of an efficient marketing strategy. Having goals means you can be clear about what REAL results you want and how best to achieve them.

KPIS are metrics used to determine the success of a marketing campaign, online or offline. The key performance indicators include things such as ROIs (Return on Investments), revenue, and total sales among others. Every business is different and so are the KPIs.

Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketing Consultant

These are varied and they are flexible as they need to be focused on what your business needs. Brighton & Hove is a thriving city and whether your marketing is targeting locally, nationally or even internationally, your Brighton Marketing consultant can help you get the necessary results.

Here are some of the ways they may be able to help.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a continuous cycle in marketing that embodies different online marketing strategies and techniques. It focused on ensuring your website is ranked in search results for relevant terms that your customers or clients are using to find businesses like your own. The consultant may not have a direct hand in the daily running of the SEO but they can help your internal staff learn more about SEO with SEO training or they can help you recruit a third party SEO agency to handle the optimisation for you.

SEO can be complex as it deals with technical data and algorithms and it also looks at User Experience (UX), keywords, content and links.

  • Posting of high-quality and relevant content on websites – this is done to EARN links and have authority websites point at your website, increasing your sites authority in the process/
  • Analysing keywords – understanding how visitors start their search is where keyword analysis and research begins. Get this wrong and it can be a disaster for your SEO.
  • Evaluating on page optimization – or is your site Google friendly, can Google index your website, access all your pages, understand what you website is about and match the keywords to user intent?
  • Ensuring Google guidelines are followed – White Hat SEO is important so a good SEO agency must follow the Google webmaster guidelines and a digital marketing consultant can easily check this.

SEO is an influential component whose management can make or break digital efforts and is one of the skills a digital consultant will bring.

  1. Digital Advertising

Digital consultants should also be competent about digital advertising – think PPC (pay per click), banner advertising and the like. Advertising is a vital element in any marketing strategy that encompasses issues such as knowing where to invest money when advertising online.

Do you still think banners are a worthwhile investment do they still deliver efficiency? What else can be done about SMM (Social Media Marketing) besides capitalizing on Facebook Ads? What amount should be budgeted for good paid search results in PPC campaigns? These are just some of the key factors a digital consultant will consider and discuss for an effective online advertising strategy.

  1. Web Design

Have a website? Need a website, want to refresh your website? You need to grasp the significance of your company’s website in regards to your business’ online presence. Now it is important more than ever not only to have a website that works well on mobile but also to be thinking about the User Experience (UX). A Brighton digital consultant will ensure that the User Experience takes both front and centre stage during the development and design of the website. Getting traffic to the site is futile if the website is not usable, visitors will just bounce and the effort and investment you may have made in PPC or SEO could be wasted.

  1. More on (UX) User Experience

A marketing consultant will work towards ensuring that the website is accessible to every user on every platform and Internet accessing devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. And since the digital age is not limited to only those how are can see, hear, or touch, the accessible should also factor in the people with disabilities. Web standards may not mean as much as those of accessibility, but none should be overlooked. It might seem a lot to think about but a marketing consultants job it to do this for you and take the pressure off you while ensuring you get the results that you need.

  1. Content Management

Content is what makes or breaks a website or any other form of digital marketing such as emails. Content needs to relevant and helpful. It should be well arranged and present in a manner that makes it easy and fast for the user to see and understand.

A good digital consultant will take a keen interest in identifying quality content and how that can work for you. That includes everything from determining the tone of the content (if it should have a sales pitch or not) and how the content is created. Rich media such as videos, infographics, Slide decks, animations as well as articles and blog posts.

While the above may not be minor issues, most business’s score poorly in their implementation. You need an open communication channel between your web designer, content writers and your digital consultant.

  1. Social Media Networking

How well do you know social media or is it just about Twitter and Facebook? Are you familiar with the trending social networks in other countries? Do you know much about the hashtag? These are some of the issues you might not have time be familiar with if you are running a business – again, your Brighton digital marketing consultant can help make sense of this.

They can guide which social media platforms are most effective for your business and also help with the process of automation for some of them.

The use of hashtags is a vital element in social media marketing. For instance, tweets with less than two hashtags tend to have a lower engagement compared to those that have more than two hashtags. It may seem a random piece of data but this insight will ensure your social media is effective as it can work well to deliver your customers and revenue.

Social media is fast moving, with new platforms and new ways of using older platforms it goes to show there is nothing easy when it comes to managing social media and this is one of the many responsibilities of a digital consultant.

Social Media Marketing:

In a nutshell, a digital consultant may specialise in any of the above areas but should be familiar with all of them.

We Can Guarantee Outputs Not Outcomes.

Digital Marketing Consultant BrightonDigital marketing is very volatile and often marred with numerous unknowns. It is never a straightforward affair and it is hard to predict where a website will rank in few months that follow let alone weeks. Such is the nature of marketing online, content marketers, social media markets and other experts are very aware of this. Therefore, a digital consultant is never in a position to precisely predict future outcomes since that is only based on calculated guesses.

Working with an experienced consultant will offer you better results than expected. But even so, the best marketers also play a strategy that runs on speculative judgments based on their input into the marketing campaign while also factoring in other external influences. As a client ask your consultant to explain what is achievable when assessing their proposal but remember, nothing is guaranteed other than the amount of work that will be done to aim to get you the best results.

Haych Enterprises will make every effort into taking out the unknowns (such as traffic estimates, revenue forecasts, and the conversion rates) and work with you by putting in real numbers. We strive ensure you are pleasantly surprised rather than unpleasantly.

Always remember that any successful digital marketing campaign takes time; patience will be a virtue. Do not be too quick to ask why you are paying your consultant on a monthly basis yet you do not see any significant results immediately. The Internet moves at a rapid rate and results tend to come naturally in spurts. Work being done today is the foundation of your results tomorrow.

So, When Is Enough – Enough?

This is a personal choice that will be affected by variables that include your budgets for the consultancy, how long the business as being running, and the digital marketing strategy used among others. For instance, paid search and social advertising campaigns may have notable results faster than a content marketing or SEO campaign would.

All aspects of digital marketing do register a gradual growth. If there are no changes six months down the line, then it would be prudent to re-evaluate the campaign and find out why things are as they are. But, the lack of actionable results may be attributed to the client’s business model or actions such as inability or reluctance to implement the consultant’s recommendations with speed. Work with your Brighton Marketing Consultant and the results will come.

Even so, it still is prudent to still consider hiring another consultant if you feel things are taking too long to change.

Speed Is Not Always A Sign Of Quality

This is a cautionary tale from real world experience. Someone I know well was working on promoting his new website and exciting business venture, well research and with a lot of potential but in a competitive market. He decided that SEO was the best route as the PPC costs were high and as a new business he wanted to make the most from his investment.

He decided to invest about £250 per month for his SEO, the SEO company made a compelling argument and after about 3 months the new business was ranking really well. I met my friend at an expo and he was delighted with the results as with the keywords he was ranking for he was generating about £7000 per month in revenue. A truly amazing ROI.

Does that seem too good to be true? It did to me, so with his permission I took a look at the site, the SEO agency reports were glowing and the results did look solid. With just a little digging it became clear that the results were coming through from some black hat SEO. The agency was building a high volume of very low quality links (spammy links).

This set my consultant alarm bells ringing so I advised that this was a high risk strategy and that it should be reviewed. The results were immediate, so there was nothing to warrant any doubts in the services offered. Even with my warning, it was a done deal and my friend ignored the advice and was happy to keep the results as they were and continue on the same path.

Sadly (as predicted) things took a nosedive as soon as Google implemented its Penguin update, an algorithm change designed to catch out sites with low quality links. My friend went from page 1 to penalty in a heartbeat, he was faced with suddenly no business model and having to go through disavowing links and trying to recover his site and literally having to start again.

Bad advice and shortcuts can still get immediate results but it may be a financial and logistical headache in the future. Invest wisely in reliable consultancy services that you can afford, and you will see notable returns on your investment for the long term..

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