SEO Top Trends 2022

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Search engine optimisation is always evolving, and so are SEO trends. Local businesses have been able to stay clear of this for a while, but this is changing because the small-scale local market landscape is shifting to online. There is more competition than ever before. Every business is online. Customers expect to see local businesses when they search. If you’re not there, you’re not on the list. Here you will learn the top SEO trends of 2022.

SEO Trends 2022 – How do you beat your competition?

Local search focuses on the customer’s experience and is a primary factor now in 2022. This is a reference to the optimisation of mobile sites and voice search. Now more than ever business owners need to think about how these elements impact the experience of your customers.

Let’s look at the ways these are turning into top SEO trends, what the data tells us, and how we could do  make this work to our advantage.

SEO Trends 2022

1. The User Experience is Everything

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve local SEO into 2022. Google announced in May 2020 that they would incorporate the user’s experience (UX) signals into its ranking. These are the factors that determine the speed at which your site loads, how easy users can use your website to locate what they’re looking for, and how well this experience performs on both mobile and desktop devices. Google Search Console can be described as a device to make this process simpler for companies. On the left-hand side is a section called Core Web Vitals. The information about the quality of your UX on your website is in the eyes of Google.

What can you do to improve the UX of your website?

Though marketers have been preaching since the beginning of time about the advantages of placing banner ads and pop-up advertisements on websites, people don’t love them. They must be eliminated. This has been widely known for a long time. Business Insider discovered that people were 279.64 percent more likely to climb Everest. Yes, you read that right. They are more likely to scale Everest than simply click your ads. It can harm your SEO and irritate your customers.

Does your website load fast?

You can test this by using online tools like this free one. It should be tested across every platform. This means your application must run smoothly and quickly across the two platforms of iOS and Android smartphones, in addition to tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

Local businesses need to think about what their customers would like the most from their sites, and use that information to inform the navigation. What are customers seeking when they access your site’s homepage? Are they in a position to locate information about your location, address details, and hours of operation?

2. Google My Business

Google My Business, often abbreviated to GMB, is an extremely popular topic in recent times. It’s even more crucial today for local businesses. Google puts much importance on the intent behind search nowadays. They don’t provide results solely on keywords, but crucially also on what they believe a person is searching for. Google understands that the user isn’t looking for the most famous estate agent in the country when they type in a search term for estate agents. Google will use their location-based information to display the most reputable estate agents in the area of the user. This will appear within Google’s Google My Business Results.

That’s how important the internet is to local businesses. According to research, 49 percent of local businesses get more than 1000 views per month from the Google My Business listing.

How do you ensure your listing is effective? You can do it for free if you haven’t yet set it up. Make sure to complete your profile as full of information as possible. Make sure to update your listing if you’ve changed your hours of business. It is possible to keep your listing up to date by posting each two weeks. There is a post section within GMB that acts like a blog. This allows you to include more relevant keywords on the profile. Google will rank you higher in its search results if there’s more engagement and activity on your page. There are some advanced GMB tactics any business can employ to get better results in the maps listings. If you hit the “snack pack” aka the top 3 results, you’ll see dramatic increases in your traffic and leads. Contact us to find out more, we can even run a FREE GMB review for you.

Google My Business SEO Trends


3. Zero Click Results

Although it could seem like a tragic trend, it is crucial to remember. The majority of Google results in 2019 resulted in users getting what they’re searching for on the pages. This means they did not click on the website of a company.

How can you make the most of this information? What can you do with this information? One thing you could do is check what you have on your Google My Business Page and Google Maps information regarding your company. This is the area where potential customers can access all the details they require regarding your business. Make sure they are up to date. Another tip is to create high-quality content for your website. This will allow people to locate you on the result pages of search engines. Make sure you use the keywords that can bring visitors to your website.

Keyword research should never be underestimated, and it’s better to focus on long tail keywords. They tend to indicate higher buyer intent rather than just information searching, and 9 out of 10 times, they are easier to rank for!

4. Your Website Still Matters

Your website is still a vital part of your business, even with an increasing trend toward the zero click result. This is an increasingly popular method for customers to establish trust with companies. BrightLocal discovered that 56% of users believe your site is the most reliable source for accurate details. This means they’re seeking vital information on your site, including your hours of operation, and your location. The study also showed that 50% of users have a lower likelihood of visiting websites without contact details.

TL;DR – Your customers will be satisfied when your website is kept up to date.

5. Mobile-friendly Optimization is essential for your website

Your customers will likely use search via their mobile devices while going about their lives. A recent study found that mobile devices account for 52.2 percent of all web traffic. This should not be an excuse to ignore your site’s mobile-friendly design. Google has begun to index new websites with their mobile first indexing. Google will now examine new websites based on the mobile-friendly design, not their desktop-based design. They also consider the experience of users. They are looking for mobile-friendly designs that are easy to navigate and load fast.

Do you have the ability to use the largest font size on your mobile layout? Are the most important links and information easy to find? Take time to review. Website designs are like fashion trends, different types ans style fgo in an out of favour so taking time to review the look and feel of your website is something you should do at least every 2 years and ideally annually.

6. Voice Search is Important for Local Search

Most people use smartphones and smart devices to browse the internet differently, instead of typing them in. These searches require more time. If you are looking to be featured when local search results are conducted, then you’ll have to think about the way people communicate when writing web content. People search by speaking differently to how they do when they are typing. That needs to be considered more and more as new smart devices come out (Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Home) are created.

voice search SEO Trends 2022


7.Video Content is Important

As mentioned earlier, many searches have zero clicks. Many of these searches are local businesses, and Google Maps or Google My Business can be used to locate these businesses. YouTube videos are also displayed in the results of searches. Forrester Research discovered videos are 50 percent more likely to be discovered on search result pages. Video content is a popular choice for consumers. It helps businesses, products, or companies appear more authentic on the internet. Trust can be earned by using videos. 84% of respondents mentioned video content as an element in their decision-making process.

Fun Fact: YouTube is the second largest search engine! Check out our YouTube Video marketing services. You don’t need to bring in the big guns to create compelling and searchable YouTube videos to generate visibility for your business. It’s more affordable than ever.

8. Text Content Still Matters

You can boost the position on the internet for local businesses by making sure your website is full of material. Orbit Media’s research found that blog posts are approximately 1142 words long. If the trend continues, the length will continue to increase.

  • What do your customers search to purchase?
  • Is your local client looking for the top alcohol free beers?
  • Are they worried about something specific?

The more targeted your content is, the more value it delivers. This makes you an authority resource, and it keeps your visitors on your website for longer and also increases the chance of naturally occurring backlinks which will boost your search engine results.

9. Search intent is more crucial than ever before

Do you realize that keywords like “to buy” have seen 500% growth in the last several years? There are four types that search engines can detect. These are making a purchase, accessing the website of a company, searching for details, comparing products, and finding details. Google is now adjusting its search results to meet the intentions of its user.

You must create material that meets the searches if you want to increase your local business rankings. Your customers would like to know more about the history of organic and sustainable beans. They are fascinated by information about various roasting techniques and flavours. They will be interested in knowing about local recycling programs your company offers.

A commonly asked frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage can be made using natural language content, which is targeted to local search results.

10.Your Online Reputation Matters

Did you know that 87% of customers review online? Google knows about this.

Online references to your business are more relevant to ranking in search results. That’s why the context is crucial. Linking to reviews on websites such as Yelp or Facebook can link your site with the reviews, which makes your site simpler for Google to locate you. It is possible to increase engagement by responding professionally to reviews. This shows Google that you value your customers and the way you handle complaints.

It was normal to disregard reviews and just let the keyboard warrior have their say but now ignoring negative reviews, even unjust ones, is a high risk strategy. Today, however, engagement with customers is vital, and Google encourages it.

Keep Your Online Presence Top-Notch in 2022 using the Top SEO Trends

Web presence is more crucial than ever for local businesses in 2022. Keep customers interested, design a high-quality website, and focus on offering the best possible users experiences. Google rewards those who put the customer first. This is something you must remember when you decide how your rank increases.

Contact the Haych Enterprises Team for your FREE SEO analysis, and if you’re designing or re-designing a website, we can offer in-house website design or work with your existing designers to get the best results for your business.



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