A simple way to get started with Affiliate Marketing is the oldest, but still the most popular, pay per click (PPC) method. Often this commission model is also called “Cost per Click (CPC)”. As the name already suggests, the compensation is calculated after the user clicks an affiliate link or a banner provided. Even for small pages and blogs revenue can be generated so easily, as affiliate links are understood as product recommendations. Pay per Click Affiliate is a method of PPC marketing, which also includes SEA models like Google AdWords.


Contrary to the model of the “pay per sale” the remuneration is paid to the publisher also. If the Affiliate link is only clicked on and nevertheless no conclusion of the purchase comes about. Unfortunately, some of the click prices and fees for clicks are accordingly low. Sometimes the merchants also charge pay limits. This means that, for example, only 100 clicks have to take place before the publisher even gets paid money into his account. In general, however, can be earned on the pay per click method in affiliate marketing money without much effort.

However, the prices per click sometimes fluctuate very clearly. Prices can vary from a few cents to the single-digit euro range. Depending on the price offered, the topic is also: Highly praised topics can achieve higher click prices than unknown niche topics.


Affiliate Programs

There are a variety of platforms or networks that offer affiliate partners in addition to the most famous provider Google with its AdSense program. After registering with such a network, various providers of affiliate links can be selected and implemented via link or banner ad on their own website. Another well known partner is Amazon. In here the products can also be integrated according to their own Internet presence via display.

Also as a shop owner it is worth registering for affiliate programs. Your ads will appear thematically appropriate for other site operators. This can be, for example, a blog or forum on digital cameras. If you have an online shop that sells digital cameras, – if the blog is also in the same affiliate program – an ad will be displayed on your products and presented to the user on the page. The shop operator is then merchant of the products and the operator of the website is the publisher of the advertisements.


In general, this type of affiliate marketing is particularly suitable for traffic-strong pages. When many visitors come to a website, there is a chance that many will click on links or banners. On less frequented sites, there are usually a few clicks and thus the amount of possible compensation decreases. Ultimately, however, the range can be increased for each page and the traffic is increased overall. Whether a pay per click affiliate is beneficial for you, must be decided individually.


Pay Per Click

With Pay per Click , the reach of the company’s presence in the network can be significantly increased. With full cost control , you can choose from the outset what budget you want to spend. This leaves unpleasant surprises. In addition to addressing the target group directly, you minimize litter losses and pay only if users have consciously perceived and clicked on your ads.


To make billing as accurate as possible, the method of tracking is used to record how many users actually click affiliate links. This usually happens via cookies. Only then can transactions be recorded and properly remunerated. To enable tracking, the publisher gets a code that he has to include in the source code of his website. The banner is visible and can pass on data to the merchant after the user clicks. In addition, there are also web-based or install-able tools that perform these tasks. Important in the tracking is that the page concerned a data protection scheme is deposited, which educates the user about the use of the method.


Pay per click also has some factors to consider when using it in most areas. On the one hand, you should be aware that the procedures are so intelligent today that fraud attempts are hopeless. And will only have negative consequences. Specifically, this means: never click on your own link or banner. Sanctions can be the result and you may be violating the affiliate program. Clicks can be tracked with the help of clever tracking methods. Operators of the partner models reserve the right to exclude them after such a manipulation.


Especially for beginners or smaller companies pay per click affiliate is particularly suitable. Increasing range and traffic are just two points that pay off. But even for established sites, the use of an affiliate program with pay per click ads can be promising. Due to the already existing trust in the site, it can be achieved by users controling a banner more often. Because displayed products or services are interpreted as a recommendation. Of course, even for shop owners participating in an affiliate program is extremely useful. Thus products can be presented and sold on target-group-relevant pages. Targeted advertising of your products will allow you to quickly attract traffic to your site.

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