Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos

Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos

Welcome to our blog post on Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos. This talks about how to make the most of your Halloween marketing by using short but engaging videos. For several years now, Halloween has been enjoying increasing popularity in the UK, it’s a fun time for the young and old. More and more companies are taking this as an opportunity to put themselves and their products in the limelight in special Halloween campaigns. By having some spooky videos to help your marketing does not have the break the bank!

However, anyone who only thinks of joke articles or scary costumes is absolutely wrong. The range is huge and shows the utmost creativity. Campaigns specially tailored to Halloween not only generate a lot of attention, but are also a suitable means of successful storytelling. We’ve found a few particularly “creepy” examples for you below.


Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos – Burger King taking on their Arch Rivals!

Halloween campaign: Burger King "Halloween 2021 marketing videos"

On the occasion of Halloween, the American burger company Burger King disguised one of its branches in a ghost with the initials of its arch-rival McDonalds. However, anyone who suspected a restaurant in the latter was under the “disguise” was informed by the hidden hint that there is an open flame here. Burger King also gave its most popular product, the Whopper, a scary disguise, which was presented with black bun halves on Halloween


McDonald’s reacted to Burger King’s Halloween prank, where it dressed up one of its NYC restaurants as the “ghost of McDonald’s.” 


Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos: IKEA

The Swedish furniture store IKEA ran a particularly disturbing commercial on Halloween in the style of the horror classic “The Shining” by Stanely Kubrick. While in the horror film from 1980 a little boy drives his tricycle through endless hotel corridors and finally comes across a mysterious pair of twins, the little protagonist in the Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos steers his vehicle through a nightly IKEA branch and meets his parents in the process. Flickering light and disturbing sounds make the homage to the cinematic role model perfect and increase the horror factor.

Halloween Spooky Marketing Videos – Conclusion

These two examples of Halloween campaigns make it clear that Halloween is not just fun for kids as a trick or treat trend, but is now also used by companies as a promotional tool. From our point of view, the campaigns shown succeed very well in bringing any company or products into connection with a creepy Halloween atmosphere. We are excited to see what the marketing managers will come up with again this year.

Want to explore the potential for video marketing at Halloween? Get in touch with our team at Haych Enterprises to tap into some spooky creative ideas!


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