SEO Top Trends 2022

Search engine optimisation is always evolving, and so are SEO trends. Local businesses have been able to stay clear of this for a while, but this is changing because the small-scale local market landscape is shifting to online. There is more competition than ever before. Every business is online. Customers expect to see local businesses […]

Effective SEO Strategies to Beat Your Competitors

Trying to stand out above others in a competitive market is a very challenging task especially if you’re just new in the industry and don’t know too much about how to market your business effectively. There is a big possibility that the business that is currently dominating your industry already know a thing or two […]

How Hoteliers Can Take Back Hotel Marketing

For many small Hotels, Guest Houses & B&B’s hotel marketing is about getting listed on one of the ever growing Online Travel Agency sites. What some call booking intermediaries. But, Hotel Guests have not been getting the deal that they think they were when they have been booking online because many hotels have had to […]

Digital Marketing Consultant Brighton

Today’s business world cannot make leaps and bounds without leveraging the Internet and every business now is doing what they can to make sure their business takes advantage of the unique opportunities the Internet brings. Such is the demand that the need for skilled marketing consultants keeps growing by the day. Companies are keen on […]

Top 5 Marketing Tips For SME’s In 2017

Top 5 SME Online Marketing Tips 2017

Long before the days of Facebook statuses and the internet, marketing was a serious uphill battle for many SME’s and startups. It remains an uphill battle for many SME’s  even today. However, thanks to digital marketing it is a lot less intimidating to establish a strong business presence than ever before. Some would even argue […]

Problems With Yell Marketing – Why Not To Use Them

Problems With Yell Marketing

There seems to be more online press than ever reporting problems with Yell marketing. There was a time when the Yellow Pages was an essential part of most businesses marketing plans. It was the dominant marketing strategy prior to the year 2000, when local business depended upon inclusion in the printed Yellow Pages – do […]

Groupon & Daily Deal Marketing for Small Businesses

Should your business really be marketing with daily deal sites like Groupon? Why small businesses are being seduced by daily deal sites in ever more frequent numbers and what the hidden dangers to your business may be.