21 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Ranking


These SEO tips have the potential to improve your ranking and attract new visitors and customers especially tip 5.

SEO Ranking

1. Use Short URLs

Make sure that URLs are short and concise, they look better and are preferred by the search engines that way.

In many online shops, the URL structure is a complete mess. This confuses not only the visitors but also the search engine crawlers. Therefore, the URL should be as short and concise as possible but includes the product name or the search term for which the product is to be found.

Example bad URL:

  • www.YourSite.com/YourCategory/s/YourPost

Now an example of a good URL:

  • www. YourSite.com/ YourCategory / YourSubCategory / YourPost /


So make sure that the URLs of your online shop have a logical structure.

2. Unique Content Wins

Use unique texts and images on your website. Write your product descriptions yourself (and breathe life into them) instead of just taking them from the manufacturer like your competitors.

Unique Content Wins

3. Content Update

In the new Google Search Console, you can check for individual subpages and how often they are clicked.

If the number of impressions is high but the position is worse than 3 others, it will miss you many valuable clicks. The subpages, which have almost a good ranking, should be optimized!

Content Update

The freshness factor also plays a role in good positioning in the search results since up-to-date information is preferred by search engines.

4. Analyze the Competition

Analyze what keywords your competitors use to attract traffic (eg with Sistrix) and develop a content strategy to secure those traffic sources.

5. Improve the Speed of the website

A fast website should be top on your list of priorities. Users are becoming more and more impatient and do not want to wait long for a website to load.

Website Speed Test

To do this, you need to optimize images, hosting, and invest in a cloud delivery network.

For you to have an idea on the speed of your website, you can check it on Pingdom or directly on Google

6. Responsive Design is Mandatory

More and more users are surfing on their smartphone or tablet. Google knows this so it prefers websites that look good on any screen size and are easy to use.

Responsive Website Design

Trust me, your visitors will be thanking you for this.

7. Use Metadata

This data is in the source code of a website that is transmitted to search engines.

It’s a good idea to set a meta title and meta description for each page to make each click more attractive from the search results.

8. Test and Optimize the Meta Title

If you are on the first page of search results but you just can’t break the pole position, it may be because of the title. Try different titles that are more exciting or interesting to make searchers to your website.

Optimized Meta Title

9. On Structured Data

Not only meta-data can give you an advantage, but structured data can also provide search engines and searchers with additional data (opening hours, address data, navigation paths and/or product ratings).

On Structured Data

This additional information can be displayed in the search results and often increase the clickthrough rate.

10. Dedicated Landing Pages

Investing in AdWords or other types of advertising should test whether the conversion rate increases when a visitor is directed to a landing page specifically designed for the ad campaign.

11. Put on Easy-to-Consume Content

Make sure that the content on your website is easy to consume.

Do not use text blocks like Wikipedia; relax the page with paragraphs, pictures, videos and other types of media.

12. Link Social Media

A website of a product can shine if it’s shared on social media platforms. This is often an indication that your website will be at the top of search results.

Social Media Links

Make it easy for your visitors to share your content.

13. Build your Website Logically and Efficiently

Each subpage should be accessible with a few clicks and the way they should be used, eg: https://www.Site.com/Category/SubCategory/Product

14. Sure is Safe: SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption

SSL certificates ensure that your domain’s address starts with https instead of http (see example in 13.).

More importantly, SSL encryption protects your users’ data, builds trust on your website, and is required by Google since May 25, 2018.

15. Use autocomplete for keyword research

If you’re googling now and have not disabled autocomplete search, you’ll notice that Google is completing searches for you. This is a very useful tool especially that the suggestions are often what most users are searching for.

You can also use the suggestion feature of eg Amazon and YouTube to find more ideas with the use of a keyword tool.

16. Focus on the First Few Seconds

Experienced copywriters know that the headline of an ad dictates its success or failure. The situation is similar with your website.

Content Writer

If the website cannot grab the attention of its visitors, they will leave the site and may never come back again. So try your best to captivate visitors immediately.

17. Do Not Buy Backlinks, but Earn Yourself Some

Through successful PR campaigns, content or guerrilla marketing, sponsoring, and thousands of other strategies, backlinks can be obtained efficiently.

18. Check Regularly for 404 Error

404 Error Page Not Found

A 404 error means that a page can no longer be reached which can be from different causes. No matter what the cause is, this mistake should be avoided.

Tools like SEO Quake can help to find and fix these dead links.

19. More Information = Better Ranking

Web pages that provide little information are seldom found on the first page of the search results because they do not answer any question from Google.

Detailed and well-researched articles that deliver real value often dominate the positions.

Be sure to look at search queries thematically, not just to optimize a keyword, but to provide a holistic answer.

More text means a better ranking.

More text means better ranking

Although this statement is correct, it is not always true. Because instead of producing content just to have lots of them, you should focus on the user and search intention (see 20).

20. Focus on the user and the search intention

All SEO tips, even the entire SEO London strategies, can be broken down to this tip:

Since Google is interested in producing the best possible search results, you should concentrate on providing searchers (& Google) with the results that they want.

Quality and Relevance beat quantity.

21. Be Sure to Stay Tuned

Good SEO in the UK, which is successful in the long term and constantly supplies new customers, takes time. So be patient and stay on track—create more and more content, keep optimizing.

As long as you stick to SEO Tip 20, almost nothing can go wrong. We wish you much success!

Bonus tip: Internal links

Internal links ensure an even distribution of SEO content on your side. The best-known example of internal linking is Wikipedia.

Internal links

Each of these blue words which are links leads to another article on the website. They help the visitor find their way around the website and ensure that the power of a website is evenly distributed.  

The setting of internal links is therefore very useful for SEO Company Brighton and the user experience.


There are 4 types of internal links. Each link type is weighted differently:

  • Content links  – These are the internal links in the main part of the written content, in your blog posts for example. These backlinks have the most link power.
  • Links in the sidebar  – These are all backlinks within the sidebar of a website. These links usually lead to current blog posts, options, or information pages.
  • Links in the navigation bar / Menu  – These are the links in a navigation bar / menu. In most cases, they direct the visitor to the homepage, the blog, the About us page and the Contact us page.
  • Footer Links  – These are all backlinks in the footer section of a website.

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