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We hope you found the video helpful, we work with clients from every business and in most locations, we’d be happy to help you and answer any questions you have in one of our short strategy calls. Feel free to book time in directly with our MD – Haych, below and she can guide you through anything you might need help with.

Month 1 SEO is elevated as there is a lot that needs correcting and we’d like to discuss if you have any backups or access to your original main site for SEO migration for faster ranking recovery.

Month 1 – estimated £1500

Month 2 Onwards (without content) £750

Month 2 Onwards (with content) £875


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Haych Enterprises Limited is a creative digital marketing, PPC and SEO agency based in Brighton and London, UK. If you would like to know more about how we can improve your visibility online and your digital marketing then please contact us.

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