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The power of research, market and web based research

With the internet now firmly entrenched in every day life and generations never having known a world without it, we are at risk of information overload. Just being able to find all the information at our fingertips can be daunting. Market research used to take months just to gather the data then more time to compile, then when the research was published it was more than a year out of date. Now we have access to immediate information that is updated and live. That research can be hugely beneficial to businesses as it can drive future research and development, influence products, drive new markets and allow you to grow the bottom line with confidence.

Digital Marketing Research – Make sense of a noisy world

We have a team of experts who spend all day trawling the word wide web at surface level and even venturing into the deep and dark recesses of the internet where more data is held than anywhere else. We can help you understand what information is available and how that can be used to drive the business forward. It gives you a massive advantage when you know what the desires, demands and drivers of your core markets are. You can create a solid representation of who your current or ideal customer is. We can show you how to dig into strategies that are being successfully employed by your competitors and what that data can tell you to make your own approach better.

The research consultancy service can help you find out what information you need and then we can show you how to access the data yourself or the best teams that will work for you, and that is possibly not us, but we will be able to point you in the right direction.

“Doing research on the Web is like using a library assembled piecemeal by pack rats and vandalized nightly. ” ― Roger Ebert

Types of Research

The list is endless you can gain insights into any market, any sector and pretty much any customer base or competitor when you know what you are looking for. Information that detailed, recent and accurate presents any business with unique opportunities. If the data doesn’t exist in the format you need it, there are numerous tools that can allow you to gather that information in a quick and efficient way. The speed of delivery can be startling as can the sheer depth of the information so it is important to have a clear understanding not only of what you think you want but also how you intend to use it, again that is where investing time with a good consultant can serve you well. They can tie all the pieces together and ensure you do not waste time and money and get results that are not what you ultimately need.

The Uses Of Research

Web & Market Research – Examples

We can run research on just about anything and we have. From whether certain patents or business names are taken, to detailed research on customer behaviour and market trends.

As an example we worked for a company looking to trade internationally for the very first time, their question, – “what is the best market to expand to?”

Rather than guessing or going with a gut feel, they tasked the Haych Enterprises team with looking at half a dozen markets, seeing who the competitors were in each market, what their market share was and how open the customer base would be to moving to a new provider. They anticipated that bases on the results, we saved them thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds by investing in the wrong market.

If you want to know what a competitors strengths and weaknesses are then good web based research can uncover that. We can even drill down into what keywords their businesses are ranking for and the ones that are delivering them the best returns on investment. This works brilliantly for small businesses looking to make a dent in a new market or launch a new product or service.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation – a service to make traffic work


Search Marketing – whether search engine optimisation, PPC (pay per click) or social media is all designed when working well to do one thing and one thing only and that is to drive traffic. Traffic should equal revenue in an ideal world but what happens when the traffic comes but they don’t buy?

This is common issue, more common than most businesses realise and an agency may well put their hands in the air and exclaim – we have ranked you as X when you before you were Y, we have done our jobs and in truth, they probably have. The piece missing from the puzzle is the skill that involves looking deeper, beyond the numbers and seeing WHY the visitors are not taking that vital step to becoming a customer. This is what conversion rate optimisation (CRO for short) seeks to do.

“A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.” Jeremy Abel

CRO – It’s essential!


CRO tends to be hard baked into areas like PPC as it means that those adverts should be being tested all the time, compared against new ones and the winners replacing the old ones. Small changes can make huge differences. If your PPC agency is not doing this then you need to ask why?

For websites, conversion rate optimisation is rarely sold to smaller businesses as it might be seen as another needless expense – that is crazy! If you are getting traffic, paid or through search and it’s not doing what you need it to do, then that traffic may as well not be there. Conversion rate optimisation takes a look at that traffic, it delves into your website analytical heart and it starts to determine what the problems may be.

Then typically small tests are run, making a few changes to the website to see if and how that influences the traffic behaviour. Only a few things are changed as if you change a lot, how do you know which of the changes has had the most impact? In short you don’t! CRO can be complex, or it can be simple, it depends on your site and what the traffic is or isn’t doing. It can be as simple as changing a colour or a shape, or it can uncover deeper issues like usability of your site.


UX – user experience testing can be run as well to see how real users interact with your website or your social media or even your adverts and unbiased reports on whether or not they can use the website, whether they know what it’s about and elements of what they do and do not like. This can provide valuable insights as they are unbiased and also, it can be done from all over the world. We’ve a network of testers that we use just for that purpose.

So if you have good traffic but the results are not what you would expect, let us take a look and see where the problems lie and what can be done to solve that.

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