The SEO ROI Calculator – How to Discover SEO Return On Investment

Search Engine Optimisation is a necessity now, not just a nice to have but many businesses cannot work out if it’s worth it to them. The simple answer is, yes it is. Without knowing your business circumstances it’s hard for us to calculate it but with our easy SEO ROI calculator, you can do some simple calculations for yourself. Just add in the details below. If you’re not sure on things like volume of searches, you can try the Google keyword planner or ask the team here, there is a chat box to the bottom right, ask us there and we can find out some volumes for you.

Next change the ranking position up and and down to see how that affects your traffic. Conversion rate, add it here if you know it, if you don’t it’s typically 2-5% for most businesses. So try with those figures.  That’ll give you how many new enquiries. Now how many of those could you or you team convert to sales, 1 in 10 = 10% 5 out of 10 = 50% – again if you’re not sure a good average to use is 20-25%. Then choose your currency and add in the LIFE TIME VALUE of your client. So if a client is worth £125 per month but they stay with you from 36 months, the value would be amount multiplied by length of time. Then the figure at the bottom is how much money SEO that gets results is really worth to your business.


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