Effective SEO Strategies to Beat Your Competitors

Trying to stand out above others in a competitive market is a very challenging task especially if you’re just new in the industry and don’t know too much about how to market your business effectively. There is a big possibility that the business that is currently dominating your industry already know a thing or two […]

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?

PPC, or Pay Per Click marketing, is a simple and effective way to advertise your business, product or services online for immediate results, often in a matter of hours. As an advertiser, you pay only if someone clicks on your ad, which makes it more profitable than other types of advertising such as newspaper ads.  […]

Easy Sharing Google Analytics Access

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool that we use if we want to get the most from our website SEM our SEO our overall digital marketing strategy or just want to exploit the potential of our website. Google Analytics is your best advisor to follow the best path in the world of digital marketing; It will be like your guide in an unknown city […]

21 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Ranking

These SEO tips have the potential to improve your ranking and attract new visitors and customers especially tip 5. 1. Use Short URLs Make sure that URLs are short and concise, they look better and are preferred by the search engines that way. In many online shops, the URL structure is a complete mess. This […]

Haych Enterprises Ltd – New Telephone Number


What’s the deal? Why bother with a new telephone number? Every business understands how important it is to have a communication line open for their customers to reach them. But in this technological era where almost everything is considered “advanced”, customers expect even business lines to be that way. If a business has a telephone […]

Local SEO Services – Top 5 Easy Tips

Local SEO 2018 Tips

Local SEO for local businesses SEO changes all the time and it can sometimes seem like it’s just intentionally confusing. Local SEO is more important ever. It allows local and small businesses to optimize websites and make sure you are easy to find. It would be business wise to be on top of the rankings. […]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ROI


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ROI is often greeted with baffled looks. Measuring return on investment is important for any business.  It would seem that while ROI has always been considered an important priority, it has now gained renewed importance. What is the solution? How can you integrate SEO into the tracking and determine the ROI […]

Why Google Search Results Change

Seo London

This might have happened to you or to someone you know: when you type in the same word or phrases in Google Search it gives you a different result on another device. That can be a headache if you’re trying to get good Google search results for your business. Sometimes you can do things about […]

How Hoteliers Can Take Back Hotel Marketing

For many small Hotels, Guest Houses & B&B’s hotel marketing is about getting listed on one of the ever growing Online Travel Agency sites. What some call booking intermediaries. But, Hotel Guests have not been getting the deal that they think they were when they have been booking online because many hotels have had to […]

SEO Hacks to Top Search Results

Have you paod a lot for SEO courses or SEO experts but nothing seems to work? Did a ton of research just to get the perfect keyword, but still stuck on page 2 or even lower on Google’s search results? We get asked a lot is there a magic bullet or any SEO hacks available […]