Paid a lot for SEO courses, but nothing seems to work? Did a ton of research just to get the perfect keyword, but still stuck on page 2 or even lower on Google’s search results? Is there any SEO hacks available on the internet without costs?

Let me share our SEO hacks to help you get a better ranking.

Is there such thing as SEO hacks?

SEO hacks are strategies in a nutshell tested and proven to help you better you with your website’s optimisation. So, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting more website traffic through ranking top on search engine results using keywords. On-page and off-page optimisation are just as important as your keywords. On-page optimisations are the changes you make on your website to improve your ranking. Off-page optimisations, on the other hand, are changes you do outside of your website to get a better spot on search engine results. Mainly we’re going to be talking about links… no, they are not dead, not even under the weather…

SEO hacks KeywordsWait, what about keywords?

Keywords are what are used to help Google understand what your website is all about. Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of good SEO and choosing the wrong ones will make sure your business doesn’t get the right volume of visitors. Even if it will get you listed on the first part of search results – being number 1 with the wrong keyword is a waste of time and energy. Using words in your keyword niche will greatly boost SEO ranking. 

Perfect Keyword Checklist:

• The simplest word to describe what’s on your website
• Review the keyword for competitor’s usage – don’t reinvent the wheel, do some research instead
• Check your keyword with Google Keyword Planner to check it’s search number (there are other tools too)
• List down what should be in your niche (every business has its own unique language and some of that is likely to be your keywords

So if I get the checklist done, will I get the #1 spot? It’ll help you get closer, you’ll need to do and understand a whole lot more about how Google will love your website to get to #1. Also, number 1 isn’t the holy grail, in the new era of SEO you want to rank well for LOTS of keywords, not just number 1 for one of them…

That’s why having a more intelligent ranking strategy will stop your hurting your website and risk causing you headaches with SEO penalties.

Next stop:

SEO Hacks: Contents

 Making sure that your content is of high quality makes Google love your website more, not just Google either, great content should start with thinking about what your visitor (AKA customer) needs help with. Content structure, word count, and content update helps a lot too.

How you structure your content affects how website visitors feel about reading more. Poorly structured content will decrease the average time spent on your website, thus, making Google think that your website is not worth the love. This makes you drop to further spots in search engine results or can even prevent you beginning to rank at all.

Low quality/authority sites don’t rank well in search results (SERPs) and they can get worse over time when quality lets the side down. Content needs to be written to HELP, give the reader some value and talk about what is important and helpful, then the SEO should naturally flow from that. Google et al are smart, they understand keywords and synonyms, and they can make sense of the meaning that is both direct and implied in your content.

This makes you drop to further spots in search engine results. Word count also plays a big role on how long website visitors stay. The more catchy and crucial words or information you have, the longer visitors stay.

You might be wondering:

What happens to visitors when they’ve read a lot already?

This where content updates take the lead. The more you update what’s on your website, the more movement visible to visitors. The more they’ll come back to check your website and the bigger chances you can convert them into leads.

Make sure to have high-quality content, emphasise important words, focus on the main topic, keep valued updates coming to lock in visitor’s interest.

SEO hacks titlesThis is crazy: 

Titlesto read or not to read?

SEO hacks with title attraction is crucial; it takes a great role in a visitor’s decision making. The more interesting your title is- the more chance of getting your site visited. But don’t over do your title. Keep it at 60 characters, keep it straight forward and keep it short. Otherwise, you’ll get your title cut off by Google followed by an ellipsis. And we don’t want that to happen, do we? It is also important to get your keyword visible on your title, WordPress automatically wraps your title as H1 making it easier for Google to know what your page is about.

Okay, let’s jump to your title’s supporting snippet:

Meta Description

Giving readers a sneak peek of what your page is about will help decide to click or not to click. Google limits meta descriptions to 160 characters and makes it appear on search results in bold, making it easier for readers to find. So make sure to keep it precise, interesting, and don’t forget to add in your keyword.

What’s next?


Here’s a cool trick: make sure to have your keyword in your URL to signal Google to make it appear bold in the title on search results. Words in bold stand out and get reader’s attention easier, thus, directing more traffic to your website.

How to do SEO hacks with Headings

So remember that I told you about getting the keyword included in your title? It helps you get a better ranking. Google loves a website that speaks its language. But don’t overuse H1, else, Google will get confused and throw you back at a lower rank. Each of your website’s page should only have one H1. Making different H1s per page gives you a wider range in search results.

Here’s an SEO Hack: You can use LSI keywords that are related to your content in the subheading section to help Google understand a page’s relevance and reliability.


What about picturesAre they getting scanned by Google too?

Yes, Google also spies on your website’s multimedia content. Pictures, videos, GIFs, and other multimedia contents affect your SEO ranking. Google has Image Search, how your picture appears on the results is based on picture tags. A good picture name will get you on top of search results. Picture tags should have LSI keywords visible, this will make your multimedia content more searchable.

It’s SEO hacks’ tip:

Make sure to have pictures in perfect sizes, viewer’s hate pictures that take more than a split second to load completely.

Talking about how long contents load completely, user experience should be suave.

This means that your website should not take too long to load, the ideal time should be less than 4 seconds. The faster everything loads, the better. Navigation is also a factor, website visitors will most likely to leave if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Data protected information is another hit on Google’s checklist. Make sure to keep data protected information visible so Google can find it easier making it trust your website more.

Sweet secrets:
• Use PingDom– you’ll love how this tool identifies how long it takes for your website to load.
• Website visitors love readable fonts.
• They love to interact, make sure to leave a comment’s box. Let them reach out to you.

SEO hacks backlinksI heard about Backlinks, what is it?

This is when a different website posts your website’s URL linking it back and driving more traffic to your website. Don’t get overwhelmed, it is important that backlinks come from reliable websites. Some of the highly reliable websites are educational websites and social media sites. It’s also a good idea to reach out to websites that resemble the same niche group to start a partnership and get them to add you in their backlink list.

In an instance that some websites will use a specific page for a backlink, make sure that when you refer or submit a URL, the page it will redirect to is updated and working. Using anchor text linking are texts in a hyperlink, this adds a plus to how Google looks and understands what your website is all about.

Bounce Rate– hit and run!

This is the click and go, this when a web surfer clicks on to access your website then leaves as soon as possible. Make sure to track bounce rates, optimise pages that have a high bounce rate. Some website visitors do the hit and run because websites are not responsive, it is important to have websites responsive on different devices.

Secret tool: Google’s PageSpeed, it’ll help you analyse your page.

I want to have “https://”!

Having https:// is not just a design for your URL, it’s an extra protection for your user’s personal information. Adding a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) turns your http:// to https://  while preventing hackers with garbage when they try to grab important information from your website. Adding this to your server will make users and Google happy with your website knowing you are dedicated to protecting important information. If Google is happy, it will give you a better SEO ranking.

Okay, so you now have your website secured.

SEO hacks social mediaNow let’s talk about social media and how is it an SEO hack!

Most of the world’s population now has access to the internet and most of them are visible on social media sites. Facebook alone has millions of active users, why not use it to market? Social media visibility drives more traffic to your website, whether it’ll be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you can post a link back to your website. Make your website contents available for sharing too. This will help your site reach more audience when website visitors share your content.

Argument: Why should I need to have a website, when I can do tons of stuff on social media?

Check their website if they’re legit.

Black hat SEO– this is using invalid SEO to be on top of search results and disregarding search engine rules. Keyword spamming is a big no but black hat tactics do this otherwise.
• Too much advertising causes website visitors to hit and run, thus having higher bounce rates.